Spotlight: Spring 2016

Date Issued:2016-09


The Spring edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, puts soil and nutrition under the microscope in the lead up to planting. We look at novel measures using satellite telemetry to measure nitrogen status in crops, and how long-term CRDC research is tracking changes in salinity in the south. We also look at research undertaken of floodplain soils, and the role they have in deep drainage.

Also in this issue, we take a look at the new era in cotton as Bollgard 3 becomes commercially available. Integral to the success of this new technology is the Resistance Management Plan (RMP): we highlight the process involved in putting the RMP together, and the role that good refuges play in keeping resistance at bay. We also outline CRDC's new five-year project into dryland farming systems, which is focused on assisting growers to take advanced of the introduction of Bollgard 3.

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