Spotlight: Autumn 2018

Date Issued:2018-03-01


The autumn edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, looks at important risk issues related to picking.

Firstly, the issue of compaction, its impact on yield and the long-term effect it has on soil health. Grower Ian Hayllor provides insight into what he found below the surface on his farm, and what some industry researchers are saying about compaction and its effect on water use and plant growth. Research since the 1980s continues to demonstrate that wet picking conditions and decisions on rotations, tillage, equipment and row configurations will have significant impact on subsequent yield potential and profitability. The challenge is: what more can be done to reduce compaction?

Secondly, this edition highlights biosecurity and the new industry biosecurity campaign, ‘be a good mate and stop it at the gate’. The campaign focuses on best practice management to stop many issues at the front gate, from rising herbicide resistance to the spread of disease. A single incursion of a pest to cotton could have devastating and long-term impact. Hence CRDC is supporting research into the high priority pests to ready the industry for incursions, should they happen. Right now at harvest there are many risks that can impact farms, a region or the industry. Have you put actions in place to protect your farm and your mates?

This edition of Spotlight also tackles weed management. Participants in a CRDC supported US study tour provide their learnings about the introduction and management of new herbicide tolerance traits. In light of the most recent spray drift impacts in Australia they equally implore growers and their staff, consultants and contractors to be aware of the information and tools available to them to help manage spray drift. The next edition of Spotlight will feature more on CRDC's work to deliver a robust solution to spray drift, integrating effective policy, regulation, technology, research and training responses across agriculture.

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