Sharing on-farm innovation to reduce the cost of cotton prod in the Lower Namoi

Date Issued:2011-06-30


The aim of this project was to provide a mechanism for growers of the Lower Namoi Valley to learn from other innovative growers experiences. This was done by running topic focused grower forums with researchers from the topic area in attendance. The response of growers to this format was very positive with requests for more of this format.

Also a number of growers who had tried different row configurations for cotton production over a number of seasons were interviewed and their experiences were compiled into a simple record and published. The interest in this publication and the information it contained was significant. With growers improved water stocks uptake of these management strategies has not occurred.

A workshop on pumping efficiently was held by Irrigation Australia Limited. The content was developed with the input of the Lower Namoi Growers Association. There was disappointing attendance from growers at the workshop.

The value that growers see in the experiences of other growers was highlighted.

A number of growers were identified by the activities of the project as resources for other growers to learn from. Seasonal developments made it even more difficult to get growers along to forums. The Lower Namoi Cotton growers Association will continue to facilitate this sort of forum on various topics as its members see the value.

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