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Enhancing IPM in cotton systems

Dr Simone Heimoana, Dr Lewis Wilson (Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), CSIRO, 2018-06-30)

IPM to support the management of emerging pests

Dr Simone Heimoana, Dr Mary Whitehouse (Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), CSIRO, 2022-01-16)

Cotton Landcare Tech Innovations: Improved natural capital (biodiversity) on Australian cotton farms

Dr Rhiannon Smith, Dr Nick Reid (Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), The University Of New England, 2022-06-30)

NRM R&D manager and technical lead

Stacey Vogel (CRDC, Stacey Vogel Consulting, 2023-06-30)

NRM R&D manager and technical lead

Stacey Vogel (Stacey Vogel Consulting, Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), 2023-06-30)

Climate, energy and business analysis for cotton growers (including CottonInfo technical lead)

Jonathon Welsh (Cotton Research & Development Corporation, Jonathon Welsh, AgEcon, 2023-06-30)