Progess towards Vision 2029

Date Issued:2019-03-01


Ten years into the implementation of Vision 2029, industry growth is being realised and Australian cotton is well on the way to achieving an industry that is differentiated, responsible, tough, successful, respected, capable and innovative.

Industry organisations, including Cotton Australia, Cotton Research & Development Corporation and Cotton Seed Distributors as well AS CottonInfo, the industry’s

joint venture in extension, have aligned their strategic plans with

Vision 2029. The Australian Cotton Industry Forum continues to provide leadership in monitoring and reviewing the vision.

Much has changed over the last ten years in the operating environment for Australian agriculture and the cotton industry. Industry leaders, through the Australian Cotton

Industry Forum, have reviewed not only our progress but also refreshed the vision to ensure it remains contemporary and fit for purpose.

Importantly, everyone involved in Australian cotton has a role to play in achieving Vision 2029.

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    Vision 2029 - Australian cotton, carefully grown, naturally world’s best.