Delivering Regional Extension to St George Dirranbandi

Date Issued:2010-06-30


The Australian Cotton Industry has always been held in high regard by the

Australian and World Agricultural sectors due to its innate ability to focus on and

overcome the challenges it faces. This has continually been achieved due to the

industry’s commitment to researchers and the ability to effectively and efficiently

disseminate this information to growers and their consultants via the current

extension method. This has been demonstrated in the Lower Balonne with the CRC

implementation of this project.

The information contained in this project provides many positive examples of the

need for such a method to deliver and extend research outcomes and best farming

practices to the industry. Most importantly feedback from growers indicates that the

project has the support of the greater majority of the farmers in the St George,

Dirranbandi and Thallon region. Their continual support, participation and

attendance at the activities such as workshops, field walks, meetings and grower

tours only further substantiates this.

This project has shown that there is an opportunity to exploit the existing network of

private consultants so as to deliver tangible outcomes for the whole of industry.

Reductions in both insecticide usage for whitefly and mirids and a dramatic

decrease in the incidence of 2,4‐D damage is further justification of the successful

nature of this partnership between the Cotton CRC and cotton consultants.

I believe the Extension Team provides an invaluable service to the whole of industry

and have seen first hand the exchange of ideas and knowledge that occurs when

growers, consultants, researchers and industry staff are bought together, thus

ensuring that we as an industry are progressing towards a sustainable future.

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