CRDC Spotlight: Autumn 2019

Date Issued:2019-03-01


The autumn edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, focuses on the impacts that research, development and extension delivers for growers and the industry.

The newly released Investment.Innovation.Impact report outlines CRDC's investments and impact under the 2013-18 CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan. From this report we can see impressive benefit-cost ratios of research, the contribution of growers into R&D, and many other achievements accomplished by CRDC-led RD&E during this time.

Similarly, CottonInfo’s five-year review shows an industry full of people willing to make change based on sound R&D and a palatable extension delivery mechanisms. This review includes the percentages of growers planning to, or who have made changes toward, improved efficiency and sustainability through the uptake of current R&D, technology and advice from industry experts. These changes and attitudes are further highlighted and collated in the annual CRDC Grower Survey, Australian Grown Cotton Sustainability Report, Cotton Industry Water Productivity report and Crop Consultants Australia’s Cotton Market Audit and Cotton Consultants Survey, all of which are featured in this edition.

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