Show simple item record Knight, Kristen en-US Grundy, Paul en-US Holdom, David en-US Hauxwell, Caroline en-US 2013-11-15T02:31:24Z 2013-11-15T02:31:24Z 2002-08-13 en_US
dc.identifier.other Conference Paper en_US
dc.description.abstract The adoption of biopesticides by the cotton industry in Australia has been impressive. The use of Nucleopolyhedroviruses (NPVs) has grown from a research project, through a niche product aimed primarily at sorghum, to wide scale use as an importanttool in control of Helicoverpa armigera in cotton, sorghum, chickpeas and sweetcorn. Gemstar has demonstrated that biopesticides are effective in cotton IPM, despite the fact that cotton is one of the most difficult crops in which to achieve maximum efficacy. Increasing grower confidence in biopesticides as IPM tools has led to increased demand for products, which in turn has created a new market niche for suppliers, and considerable interest in potential biopesticides against emerging pests. Gemstar is now readily available, and is joined this year by a new registered product, Vivus, manufactured in Australia by Australian Produced Biologicals. Vivus, like Gemstar, is currently based on the Helicoverpa zea NPV but produced in native H. armigera larvae, with the same efficacy as Gemstar. APB are also beginning production of a product based on the native H. armigera NPV. Both Vivus and Gemstar are registered in cotton. This is good news for growers, with greater security of supply (from two different companies) and an increase in diversity of products. en_US
dc.format pdf en_US
dc.publisher Australian Cotton Growers Research Association en_US
dc.rights The material presented in these proceedings may not be abstracted or cited as a reference without the specific permission of the author concerned en_US
dc.subject.classification Pest Management en_US
dc.title New Biopesticides en_US
dc.subject.crdc 4a en_US

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