Pesticide input efficiency


Being more efficient with pesticide inputs has three main benefits for growers - it helps reduce farm costs; reduces environmental risks; and critically, limits the evolution of resistance in target insect pest and weed populations.

Recent Submissions

  • Unknown author (2015-01-16)
    The Herbicide Resistance Management Strategy (HRMS) is designed as a tool for weed management in irrigated and dryland farming systems incorporating herbicide tolerant (HT) cotton, to delay glyphosate resistance.
  • Charles, Graham (2013-12-03)
    The intent of this guide is to give cotton growers information relating the impact of known concentrations of a herbicide on crop growth, exposed at a given crop growth stage, on crop growth and development and final ...
  • Charles, Graham (2013-11-26)
    This guide shows some of the more typical damage symptoms seen in Australian cotton from exposure to a range of herbicides. Images were obtained from experiments where known rates of herbicide were applied to irrigated ...
  • Maas, Susan (Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC), 2013-10-29)
    The Cotton Pest Management Guide 2013-14 is the industry’s premium resource for insect, mite and weed control, disease prevention, biosecurity and spray application information. The Guide builds on the wealth of knowledge ...