Fibre quality


Managing your crop for increased fibre quality.

Recent Submissions

  • Redfern, Ruth (2015-05-05)
    Moisture at picking has a significant impact on cotton's fibre quality. It can lead to colour degradation (spotting) and discoloration which affects the colour grade: the fibre becomes yellower and less bright with the ...
  • Jensen, Melanie; Gordon, Bill (2013-03-05)
    Spray application expert Bill Gordon tells how to best apply defoliants to get the best results from this critical operation.
  • Jensen, Melanie (2013-03-05)
    An effective defoliation means cotton with less leaf and trash content, protects the integrity of fibre quality and keeps Australia’s reputation for high quality, low contaminant cotton intact. A poor defoliation creates ...
  • Jensen, Melanie (2013-03-04)
    Why so important to get defoliation right? How not getting defoliation right has flow on effects right down the line, from increasing costs and reducing profits to growers and poor fibre quality which affects australia’s ...