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dc.description.abstract Research summary: In the course of the study aerial and satellite image collection campaigns were conducted covering around 17.000 ha of cotton in the Narrabri/Moree area with revisits during the season. The multispectral and hyperspectral imagery collected in the study was utilised to map the nitrogen levels of cotton crop in periods of in-season nitrogen application and later to monitor the impact of the fertilisation strategy on yield. Correlations were established between the remote sensing imagery and the cotton canopy nitrogen content. Using the remote sensing estimate of canopy chlorophyll content index (CCCI), several management zones were defined in each of the research and commercial fields taking part in the study. The tissue sampling point selection was based on the management zones and was performed in a novel way that ensures robust results with minimal testing points. The accuracy of the nitrogen map generated by the model has been defined through a correlation coefficient of R2= 0.81. The accuracy and the practicality of the method for automatic nitrogen map generation using an online software tool were validated for in-season nitrogen management to improve the Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Main outcomes and industry benefits: The developed research models linking remote sensing imagery and tissue sampling results have been incorporated into an online platform, FluroSense. The online platform is designed for crop management using remote sensing imagery, and incorporates the learnings from the trials in the form of the link between the remote sensing imagery and plant tissue sampling through the management zone definition, smart sampling and scouting tools, and ultimately crop canopy nitrogen map generation tool. The FluroSense platform has been launched with the free trial access for cotton growers in recognition of the CRDC and grower community support. The service consisting aerial and satellite imagery in combination with the online decision support platform are now offered to cotton growers in Australia. The service allows agronomists and growers to access the remote sensing imagery, the insights from the crop health analysis, guidance on ground-truthing the crop performance with tissue testing as well as tools for generation of the management zones and application maps for in-field use. Alongside the nitrogen management tools the platform allows the users to monitor the performance of their crops across the season and perform the analysis of the yield and electrical conductivity layers, which combined with the remote sensing imagery provide a comprehensive view of the field variability and the strategies for its potential improvement. Contact details: Anastasia Volkova CEO, FluroSat en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Cotton Research and Development Corporation en_US
dc.publisher FluroSat Pty Ltd en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries FLUR1801;
dc.title The platform for monitoring and analysis of cotton canopy nitrogen status and yield projection using calibrated aerial and satellite imagery en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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