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dc.description.abstract A well-managed supply of clean, usable groundwater is vital for the continued success and growth of the Australian Cotton Industry. The ongoing provision of clean groundwater depends on healthy groundwater ecosystems containing microbes and invertebrates (stygofauna). These biota improve water quality and aid water flow. Without the sustainable management of groundwater, it is likely that the health of these ecosystems will decline, with the consequence that growers may be faced with increased costs for groundwater extraction, water treatment and/or declining cotton yields. In 2006, the cotton industry, through the Cotton Catchment Communities (CCC) CRC, became the first industry in Australia to recognise the importance of groundwater ecosystem health for the supply of sustainable groundwater resources by funding the development of a groundwater ecosystem monitoring program. The CCC CRC began a world first program to develop a toolbox of biological and chemical indicators to measure and monitor groundwater ecosystem health. Further funding from the CRDC, through the project reported here (2014-2018), enabled the initial toolbox to be refined through additional sampling and research. From this work, the weighted Groundwater Health Index (wGHI; Korbel & Hose 2017) was developed. The new, refined method allows groundwater health to be assessed and monitored using a combination of biological and water chemistry variables. Since the publication of this method, the authors were invited to present the framework to the European Union Groundwater Working Group (April 2017) as a potential framework for adoption in the Groundwater Framework Directive and NSW DPI have been in discussions about including the approach in their monitoring for groundwater dependent ecosystems within NSW. The project has succeeded in providing • Documentation of the extent and condition of subterranean GDEs in 4 subcatchments of the MDB • Provision of baseline data on groundwater biodiversity • Enhancing knowledge of GW ecosystems • Improve groundwater ecosystem sampling methodologies • Development of GHI to be used on farms with potential incorporation into MyBMP The outcomes from this work are an improved groundwater management program, shifting from the current approach of managing water quality and quantity to an approach that considers groundwater biodiversity and the maintenance of ecosystem function and services. It will allow for future assessment of potential groundwater health decline due to competing industries. The results of this report will be implemented through the cotton industry My BMP program, promoting ecological sustainability and natural resource stewardship, while concurrently improving the capacity for the future management of this resource. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship CRDC en_US
dc.publisher Macquarie University en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries MQ1501;
dc.title Developing the groundwater health index as an industry-wide monitoring tool en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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