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dc.description.abstract The Cotton Production Course began in 1994 and originally consisted of three units; Applied Cotton Production, Cotton Protection and Cotton and the Environment. At that time the Australian cotton industry was expanding rapidly so there was strong demand for a course that provided the principles of how to grow and protect cotton crops. There was also growing recognition that better environmental management practices were necessary to satisfy governing bodies about cotton farming, particularly in regard to pesticides. A fourth unit was added in 1999 called Australian Cotton Farming Systems and Technology Transfer™ when Australian Universities were compelled by the Federal Government to standardise the size of university units to help students move between courses at different universities, here and abroad. The agricultural certificate courses in Australia were deemed to require four units (rather than three at UNE) and be of 150 hours work each (rather than the previous 180 hours). The cotton units were redesigned to meet these requirements. This fourth unit (Systems) accepted the overflow of topics, mainly by shifting the communications workshop into the fourth unit. Important ancillary topics that related to cotton production were also added to the cotton production course over the next three years. These included understanding cotton fibre technology, cotton spinning, and how to compare the economic performance of cotton farms. Systems is also a unit that has been used to accommodate personnel development topics like team working and presentation skills. Some topics are very much about cotton production, its products and markets, others are about general attributes that we consider useful for graduates in industry. In response to student evaluations in 2008, the residential school for the Systems unit was redesigned to accommodate a full day of on-farm consultancy, rather than the previous 3 hour session. Cotton production, the environment have always been major topics in the consultancy but from 2008, there has been a strong emphasis on ˜the business of farming'™ particularly as the challenge or reduced water supply and economic downturn. Aspects of current socioeconomic impacts in rural Australia and an introduction to leadership have since been included into the units. The cotton production units attract experienced and trainee agronomists, including growers from throughout the cotton growing areas of eastern Australia. Recent drought years and declining terms of trade for cotton have led to reduced enrollments. The cotton course services the needs of trainee agronomists and trainee consultants, many completing the course immediately following their agricultural degrees. Each unit offered externally includes a residential school of three to four days duration. Internally enrolled (on-campus) students take part in a three day excursion to the Narrabri/Moree areas and/or receive a workshop at their University delivering the Applied Cotton Production material. The cotton course continues to receive very positive reviews from the industry and participants particularly about the residential schools but the size of the market demanding specific cotton production education is declining. en_US
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dc.publisher University of New England en_US
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dc.subject human capacity en_US
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dc.subject sustainability en_US
dc.subject impact en_US
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dc.subject cotton en_US
dc.subject partnerships en_US
dc.subject environmental en_US
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dc.subject Australia en_US
dc.subject competitiveness en_US
dc.title Scholarship to UNE Cotton Production Course en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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