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dc.description.abstract In June 2014, irrigation researchers met in Narrabri for IrriCOMM. This workshop arose from discussion between CSIRO, CRDC and NSW DPI about irrigation research. The tools that irrigators are using to manage their irrigations have not changed dramatically over the last 20 years – despite investment in, and resulting advances to, R&D. The dominant tools being used by irrigators are capacitance based soil moisture measurement devices, and, more often than not, growers are making irrigation decisions based on their experience: years of irrigating and knowledge of their irrigation system, field, and soils, and most appropriate time to irrigate that crop under those specific circumstances. Researchers have been developing weather and plant based scheduling methods, however, uptake of these technologies by growers has been limited due to a lack of local readily available evapotranspiration data, suitable crop coefficients, and the complexity of plant based methods when applying this to large scale broad-acre cropping systems in a highly variable climate. The IrriCOM workshop enabled researchers to interact and discuss these issues, gaining a better understanding of current and future technologies and tools for irrigation management in cotton. It was found that significant progress has been made with a variety of irrigation technologies and that much of the research was at a point where it was needing to be extended to the wider cotton community – hence the 2015 Cotton Irrigation Technology Tour evolved. The purpose of the 2015 Cotton Irrigation Technology Tour was to showcase the latest irrigation scheduling and automation field scale irrigation research. New irrigation research is offering opportunities for growers to improve water use efficiency and yield through more precise scheduling and application technology. The tour was comprised of three field days: one at Emerald in Central Queensland; one at Moree in the Gwydir Valley; and one at Nevertire in the Macquarie Valley. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship CRDC; NSWDPI;Queensland Government;CSIRO;NCEA;Gwydier Valley Irrigators Association Inc. en_US
dc.publisher NSW Department of Primary Industries en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries ;CRDC1521
dc.subject human capacity en_US
dc.subject education en_US
dc.subject extension en_US
dc.subject adoption en_US
dc.subject collaboration en_US
dc.subject agronomic decisions en_US
dc.subject water en_US
dc.subject WUE en_US
dc.subject cotton en_US
dc.subject growers en_US
dc.subject research en_US
dc.subject pivots en_US
dc.subject travellers en_US
dc.subject technologies en_US
dc.subject moisture management devices en_US
dc.subject IrrCOMM en_US
dc.subject automation en_US
dc.subject Gwydir Valley en_US
dc.subject Macquarie Valley en_US
dc.subject systems en_US
dc.subject knowledge transfer en_US
dc.title 2015 Cotton Irrigation Technology Tour en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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