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dc.description.abstract The cotton industry has a reputation of being forward thinking, generous with knowledge, encouraging and inclusive. The same can (largely) be said for the reality and perception of the role and value of women in the industry. Women who are both farm based and involved in the industry, whether it is in a professional and engagement capacity, are generally well represented and well engaged. The Cotton Research and Development Corporation, through Wincott, undertook this project to better understand the roles and contribution women make to all facets of the cotton industry. Four points of contact, resulting in a sample size of 298, were used to understand the role, level of engagement and interests of women working in both farm based and industry roles. The demographic of women is varied with ages ranging from students less than 20 years to retirees over 65 ranging from North Queensland to the Victoria border along the eastern coast of Australia. In general, women are highly educated, and juggle many concurrent roles – with varying percentage of their “professional” time spent in a cotton business. This project quantified the valuable contribution women make to all facets of farm based and industry businesses; with specific focus on “business” and “people” areas, and to a lesser extent, “production” and “industry” areas. There are many factors or barriers that impact the contribution women make to both their business and the industry at large, none more than the many and varied roles they hold concurrently in their lives leading to a genuine competition for time to commit. Roles outside the core cotton business, lack of confidence, experience, skills and knowledge are lesser barriers to engagement. While half of all women are interested in increasing their level of engagement, most are happy with their current role. The reality of the fore-mentioned barriers makes change unrealistic for most respondents. Consistent with being time poor, women find the most efficient and effective way to receive information is electronically. Face to face activities that deliver technical information to improve business or life will be prioritised based on need. Similarly social or networking activities are more valuable with delivery of technical information. Many roles women hold are those which are “assumed” rather than “chosen”. To this end, there is a strong appetite for personal and professional development around the areas women are already involved in such as business and finance. There is also an interest in production related information so women can better understand and be more involved in conversation that happens “in the paddock”. Consistent with confidence and experience being a barrier to engagement, there is strong interest in improving interpersonal skills; such as communication, leadership and public speaking. This report demonstrates that women involved in the cotton industry generally feel accepted and engaged, but are always looking for growth and change and a creative and efficient way to “do things better”. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship CRDC en_US
dc.publisher House Paddock Training and Consulting en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries ;WIN1701
dc.subject cotton en_US
dc.subject industry en_US
dc.subject Australian en_US
dc.subject rural en_US
dc.subject agriculture en_US
dc.subject proactive en_US
dc.subject barriers en_US
dc.subject North Queensland en_US
dc.subject Victoria en_US
dc.subject production en_US
dc.subject business en_US
dc.subject decisions en_US
dc.subject engagement en_US
dc.subject paddock en_US
dc.subject networking en_US
dc.subject human capacity en_US
dc.subject workforce en_US
dc.subject opportunity en_US
dc.subject innovation en_US
dc.subject transfer en_US
dc.subject point of contact en_US
dc.subject professional en_US
dc.title Understanding and Building Womens Participation In the Australian Cotton Industry en_US
dc.type Technical Report en_US

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