Show simple item record Daly, Joanne 2015-09-30T06:05:39Z 2015-09-30T06:05:39Z 1984-12-05
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dc.description.abstract The term 'genetics' encompasses a group of disciplines which study aspects of evolution. the first of these, molecular genetics, examines DNA, the raw material of evolution, and its organisation into genes. Genes code for information which, when. expressed, gives rise to the characteristics of the organism. It is changes at this level which yield the variation necessary for evolution to occur.
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dc.subject Heliothis
dc.subject Population genetics
dc.subject Natural selection
dc.subject Amitraz
dc.subject Evolution
dc.subject Pesticide resistance
dc.subject Genes
dc.subject Cytogenetics
dc.subject Genetics
dc.subject Laboratory experimentation
dc.subject Entomology
dc.subject Species
dc.subject Ecology
dc.subject Chromosomes
dc.subject Mutation
dc.subject Insecticides
dc.title Why is a study of the genetics of Heliothis important in pesticide resistance?
dc.subject.crdc 4a

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