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dc.identifier.other ACConf86-305095323.pdf
dc.description.abstract firstly canvassed growers on their experiences with Siokra. Most said that weeds were no more difficult to control in Siokra than in Deltapine 90. Both varieties, but especially Siokra, rated highly for their good germination and vigorous seedling growth. However, a few farmers found that Siokra had more weeds than did 90, and occasionally an extra cultivation or herbicide application was given. Yet one well-known Downs grower publicly stated that vigorous weeds like thornapple were easier to spot in Siokra, and this was (another!) good feature of the variety. On balance then I won't differentiate between the two varieties for cost of weed control.
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dc.subject Weed control
dc.subject Cultural methods
dc.subject Postharvest control
dc.subject Variable costs
dc.subject Pest insects
dc.subject Plant habit
dc.subject Water
dc.subject Farm inputs
dc.subject Pests
dc.subject Irrigation
dc.subject Capital
dc.subject Weeds
dc.subject.crdc 4a
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted siokra grown, okra leaf character, blight loss, loss associated, growing siokra, wee waa, eccl average hat, average hot, Siokra, bale, bacterial blight, cool, average hot cool, average, hot summer,

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