Show simple item record Kirby, J.M. 2015-09-28T06:25:36Z 2015-09-28T06:25:36Z 1988-08-17
dc.identifier.other ACConf88-302102252.pdf
dc.description.abstract It rained a lot, and much cotton was picked on wet soil - but how much damage was, or will be, done to the soil? It is worth bearing in mind the description given in the handbook on Soil Management by Davies et al. (1977 - see ch. 8, Traffic and Soil Damage). The following is a slightly abridged quotation.
dc.format PDF
dc.subject Soil management
dc.subject Moisture content
dc.subject Soil
dc.subject Australian Capital Territory
dc.subject Ploughing
dc.subject Cotton
dc.subject Puddling
dc.subject Traffic
dc.subject Rolling
dc.subject Strength
dc.subject Volume
dc.subject Density
dc.subject Pressure
dc.subject Water
dc.subject Pressing
dc.subject Soil structure
dc.subject Picking
dc.subject Plant production
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted compaction, lever arm loader, shear damage, shear box apparatus, moisture, compaction obtainable, tor amelioration, puddling, kpa, compaction test, soils, wheelslip, sinkage, hoisture content, density glee, options tor amelioration, catastrophic sinkage, smearing, pressure kpa, irrigated cotton soils,

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