Show simple item record Kirkby, Karen A.Lonergan, Peter Smith, Linda Scheikowski, Linda R.Cooper, Beth 2015-09-11T01:28:56Z 2015-09-11T01:28:56Z 2012-08-05
dc.identifier.other Paper_Kirkby_2012.pdf
dc.description.abstract The success of the Australian cotton industry can largely be attributed to science, technology, capacity and innovation. The Australian cotton industry benefits from collabrorative networks between peak bodies, government agencies, organisations and institutes working together to provide the most up to date information to growers. The long term investment partnership between the Australian cotton industry and the Australian Government in research, has delivered significant benefits to the growers, rural communities and to Australia (Cotton Australia, no date).
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dc.subject Disease
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CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted nsw dpi, fusarium wilt, australian cotton, hypervirulent bacterial blight, verticillium wilt, cotton industrys success, fusarium wilt and verticillium, borne fungi, nsw dpi pathologist, mybmp, csd senior pathologist, qdaff pathologist, nsw dpi provide, web-based cotton, innovative appraoch, tor str, crdc webpages, ecosciences precinct, ccc crc, catchment communities crc,

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