Show simple item record Marshall, Kate Wilson, Lewis Herron, Grant 2015-09-11T01:28:52Z 2015-09-11T01:28:52Z 2012-08-05
dc.identifier.other Conference_Poster_Kate_Marshall.pdf
dc.description.abstract Both neonicotinoid seed treatments provided ineffective control against resistant cotton aphid. Further use of these treatments against resistant populations may exacerbate resistance.
dc.format PDF
dc.subject Aphid resistance
dc.subject Seed treatments
dc.title Do the neonicotinoid seed treatments Cruiser and Cruiser Extreme control resistant aphids?
dc.subject.crdc 4a
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted aphid proof cage, resistant cotton aphid, predicted surviving thiamethoxam, neonicotinoid seed treatments, aphids, thiamethoxam resistant, seed treatments cruiser, neonicotinoid pre-germination seed, surviving thiamethoxam susceptible aphids, resistant aphids, surviving thiamethoxam resistant aphids, neonicotinoid pre-germination seed treatments, cruiser extreme, neonicotinoid seed treatments cruiser, pre-germination seed treatments cruiser, cubic spline function, predicted surviving thiamethoxam susceptible, predicted surviving thiamethoxam resistant, thiamethoxam resistant strain, gossypii aptera,

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