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dc.description.abstract The current project was initiated to determine the distribution and the economic and ecological impact of, Lippia in the Murray Darling system. The scope of this project was to:, * Assess past and current information on the distribution and impact of Lippia, *Report economical and environmental information to assess the impact of Lippia at, the property, sub-catchment, catchment and Murray Darling Basin level., *Report any known information on the distribution outside the Murray Darling Basin, *Quantify the current distribution and severity of Lippia, *Determine the rate it has spread over time, *Evaluate the potential future distribution of Lippia, *Report the economic impact of Lippia on farm activities, production and productivity, *Evaluate the impact of Lippia on the environment, *Prepare a brief research priority plan for the weed, *Provide a brief summary of current best bet management options.,
dc.format PDF
dc.subject Environmental weeds
dc.subject Lippia
dc.title The Distribution and Impacts of Lippia (Phyla canescens) in the Murray Darling System
dc.subject.crdc 4b
CRDC.KeywordsUnrestricted thick woody tap root, darling basin, catchment, grazing bambatsi panic, namoi catchment, phyla canescens, senescent perennial grass, groundcover, lippia cover, gwydir catchment, term livestock exclosure, australian cotton crc, lippia dominating, phaon grazing, phaon crescent, catchments, lippia working, condamine catchment, adult phaon, groundcover component,

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