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  • Roughley, Ngaire; Pendergast, Lance; Hunter, Geoff (2015-05-29)
    Ginning update, MyBMPVerticillium wilt, Volunteer cotton trials soil health workshops, Reniform nematode rotation trial at Theodore
  • Fing, Bec; Taylor, Melinda; Dickinson, Sally (2015-03-27)
    Cotton Tarps for Vanuatu, MyBMP Support, National Cotton Industry Awards, Young Farming Champion, Employment of Casual Staff, CottonInfo websit, Nitrogen trial, Boss Strip Till Machine Field day, Young Ag. Professionals ...
  • Hunter, Geoff (2015-05-04)
    Dryland/ Irrigated Cotton Belatta, Verticillium Workshop, Points of Interest, Nitrogen trial Blood and Bone vs conventional fertiliser, Spray Workshop
  • Hunter, Geoff (2015-03-05)
    Dryland Cotton. *Around the Traps. *The Big Day Out- Energy Efficiency *CQ Update *Welshy's
  • Hunter, Geoff (2015-01-30)
    Dryland Cotton * Around the Traps *Trials - irrigation efficiency * CQ Update
  • Hunter, Geoff (2014-08-01)
    Dryland Cotton * BG III and Verticillium *Managing Carbon in a Cotton based Farming System *GRDC Update *If you suspect earwigs or wireworms
  • Hunter, Geoff (2015-04-01)
    Dryland Cotton * Premature Senescence or Verticillium? * Groundwater aquifers in the Missisippi * Crop Competition *N trial
  • Hunter, Geoff (2015-06-05)
    Multi- species cover cropping trial * Management Options Enhancing Beneficial Microbial Communities and Functions in Cotton Soils- Dr Gupta Vadakattu. * N trial summary *Macquarie Valley
  • Hunter, Geoff (2014-12-02)
    Dryland Pix trial * Reniform Nematode * N trial * Central Queensland Field Walk *Update from Philip Armytage Darwin Trip
  • Hunter, Geoff (2014-11-11)
    Dryland group of concerned growers * Central Queensland early planting trial and field walk * Weeds Update * Nitrogen trials *What is happening at ACRI
  • Hunter, Geoff (2014-09-30)
    Dryland farming systems tour * Grains Update * Nitrogen Forum *NutriLOGIC program *Nitrogen Trials
  • Devlin, Alice (2014-08-20)
    Results are in from the N Trial at Milo., Agro Update with Stu Doyle, Controlling Volunteers - By Geoff Hunter (Namoi), Bollgard III updates, Gwydir Grower Hall of Fame!, Herbicide Resistance Management Strategy
  • Devlin, Alice (2014-06-11)
    The N trial at Milo, an impromptu field day at Boolooroo in April. Agro Update with Rob Holmes, Time of Planting - Some Interesting Results
  • Devlin, Alice (2015-03-25)
    Wallangra Eastern Dryland Trial , Irrigation Field Day , Bollgard III Crop Walk, Big Days Out in St George and Gunnedah, Dryland Crop Wal, Dr Oliver Knox (UNE) has been investigating different methods for recovering ...
  • Devlin, Alice (2014-10-28)
    RDO Nitrogen Program, Nitrous Oxide Emissions Project, Quinny's trial program, Irrigation, Dryland tyre kick Dalby, Insect Research, Gwydir Bug Check, Finance Update with Justin Barnes
  • Devlin, Alice (2014-12-10)
    Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, Disease Research Update, Weeds, GVIA Research Project The 'Filling the Research Gap' project which is looking at nitrous oxide emissions through irrigation water at Redmill is already showing some ...
  • Hunter, Geoff (2014-06-19)
    Controlling Volunteers * Time of Planting - Some Interesting Results *Plant X
  • Thomas, Amanda (2015-01-15)
    Cloudy weather impacts, What's coming up, What to watch out for , How to sample whitefly , Abamectin resistance in Two Spotted Mite Increasing.
  • Thomas, Amanda (2014-06-14)
    Trial Update N trials, Time of planting - some interesting results , word from the Consultants.
  • Thomas, Amanda (2014-09-25)
    AWARDS SEASON, To Plant or not to Plant, Nitrogen Trial in a Nutshell

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