Crop nutrition


Getting your crop nutrition spot on is essential for maximising cotton yield.

Recent Submissions

  • Dowling, Chris (CRDC, 2014-12-08)
    Nitrogen (N) nutrition of high yielding cotton crops remains one of the biggest production costs with improvement of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) being somewhat of an enigma when trying to ensure that profitability and ...
  • CottonInfo (CottonInfo, 2015-06-22)
    With growers now making decisions about how much nitrogen to apply and when, it's worthwhile considering the findings of the CottonInfo N trials: lower upfront N application may help improve NFUE.
  • Smith, John; Devlin, Alice; Thomas Amanda; Hunter Geoff; O�Keeffe, Kieran; Dickinson, Sally; Clift, Sarah; Waters, Warwick (2014-12-17)
    The result of the trials clearly shows that within the majority of cases the amount of lint produced from the amount of N applied is outside the optimum, highlighting that there is opportunity for increased production with ...
  • CottonInfo (2014-12-17)
    This fact sheet has been adapted for CottonInfo from a former Cotton Catchment Communities CRC publication. It was originally authored by CSIRO, NSW DPI, Incitec Pivot and CRDC.
  • Redfern, Ruth (Cotton Research and Development Corporation, 2014-12-08)
    Research and trials on the real cost of N application