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  • Econnect Communication (2008-07-01)
    Producers, agribusiness advisors, researchers and natural resource managers in the drought-stricken dryland grains and mixed farming regions of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are working together to respond ...
  • Econnect Communication (2009-01-01)
    With climate change predictions pointing to Australia's climate becoming even more variable, farmers are looking for more accurate seasonal forecasts that can be interpreted to help them make better decisions about planting,
  • Econnect Communication (2009-06-01)
    Lying between the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans, Australia's climate-in particular its rainfall-is difficult to predict reliably and accurately, driven as it is by the interplay of a complex set of systems known as ...
  • Econnect Communication (2006-09-01)
    A taste of research results from the Native Vegetation R&D Program 10 years on. In this issue: Creating a native vegetation management industry; From principles to practice - managing native vegetation

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