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  • McKenzie, David (McKenzie Soil Management Pty Ltd, 2017-06-30)
    The successful SOILpak concept was developed in 1986, but the most recent version of the manual (‘SOILpak for Cotton Growers: Third edition’, 1998, and the accompanying Pocket Notes) is now eighteen years old. Valuable ...
  • Ceeney, Sally (Ceeney Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd, 2018-06-30)
    This project continues to build on the work of previous project SC1301 during a critical time for the industry in promoting and improving stewardship of Bt and insecticides. The overall aim of the project has been to ...
  • Naebe, Maryam (Deakin University, 2018-06-30)
    Compression athletic wear is usually made from synthetic fibres, often by coating an elastomer band on the fabric surface. There are currently no methods of creating compression athletic wear containing predominantly cotton. ...
  • Smith, Rhiannon (University of New England, 2018-06-30)
    River red gums are iconic in all cotton catchments and provide a number of valuable ecosystem services to growers, such as carbon sequestration, erosion mitigation and biodiversity conservation. There has been a decline ...
  • Sequeira, Richard (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, 2019-06-30)
    The purpose of this travel scholarship was to enable tone researcher to participate in and present results of Australian whitefly research at the 3rd International Whitefly Symposium in 2018, held in Perth. This meeting ...

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