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Inside Cotton is a digital library of materials important to the Australian cotton industry, maintained by CRDC. On this site you will find a host of materials from CRDC, the industry’s extension program CottonInfo, and others.

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  • CRDC (CRDC, 2018-01)
    The CRDC Board responded to Forest Hill's Independent Performance Review Report in January 2019, welcoming the overall findings as an endorsement of CRDC’s high level of organisational performance and valuing the recommendations ...
  • Forest Hill Consulting (CRDC, 2018-10)
    Under CRDC's Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, CRDC is required to commission an independent review of its performance. The inaugural independent review was conducted ...
  • Sparks, Michael (CRDC, 2019-02)
    CRDC undertakes an annual survey of cotton growers to gather information about farming practices and growers’ views on research, development and extension. This information helps to inform CRDC about the benefits of the ...
  • Dibley, Stephen (Plant Health Australia, 2018-05-30)
    The aim of this training was to build industry biosecurity capacity and provide a gap analysis for boll weevils. Participants worked through the process of an incursion and eradication, with PHA facilitating the scenario. *see ...
  • Rochester, Ian; Weaver, Tim (CSIRO Plant Industry, 2017-06-30)
    The impact of legumes after 21 years of rotation (11 legume crops) continue to positively impact soil health. The addition of a legume in a cotton rotation impacts all aspects of the cotton production. The evidence was ...

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