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Inside Cotton is a digital library of materials important to the Australian cotton industry, maintained by CRDC. On this site you will find a host of materials from CRDC, the industry’s extension program CottonInfo, and others.

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  • Brown, David; Sutton, Bruce; Brown, David; Darlington, Bronwyn (University of Technology, 2014-06-30)
    The Australian cotton industry has invested heavily in developing strategies to bolster its competitive position, particularly in terms of quality and best practice in on-farm management as reflected in myBMP. One of the ...
  • Graham, Charles (NSW Department of Primary Industries, 2015-06-30)
    This project built on many years of weeds work supported by CRDC and value added to earlier research, while providing strategic information to growers in support of MyBMP, based around updating WEEDpak. WEEDpak, the guide ...
  • Holman, Sharna (University of Sydney, 2015-06-30)
    CRDC 2015/16 Summer Scholarships (S/S ) Purpose- Strategic Plan Targets 1.Farmers 2. Industry 3.Customers 4. People 5.Performance ...
  • Byrne, Rebecca; Goodhew, Nicholas; Thomas, Christopher; Milner, Matthew; Devlin, Alice; Mulligan, Lyndon (University of New England, 2013-06-30)
    The Cotton Production Course began in 1994 and originally consisted of three units; Applied Cotton Production, Cotton Protection and Cotton and the Environment. At that time the Australian cotton industry was expanding ...
  • Smith, Linda; Davis, Mike; Woodward, Jason; Kirkpatrick, Terry; Rothrock, Craig (QLD Dept. Natural Resources and Mines, 30-06-20)
    FUSCOM has always been an excellent means to encourage collaboration between research groups within Australia and communicate research activities to various groups. But one of the greatest assets of this meeting is the ...

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